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conférencier international : Docteur Luc MARTIN

Conférence / Recherche

Le 13 septembre 2022

luc martin
Luc Martin

Dr. Luc Martin is an Associate Professor and Associate Director in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen’s University, Canada. His research program generally involves group dynamics in sport, specifically investigating topics such as subgroups/cliques, leadership, cohesion, and social identity. He is also interested in positive youth development, and has engaged in several partnership projects to develop evidence-informed sport programming for youth. He has served as a section editor at the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology and is an active editorial member for other top journals in his field.

Le mardi 13 septembre 2022, de 10h à 12h00,
en salle R06, 1741 rue de la Piscine, 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères


Résumé de la conférence :

For his talk, he will introduce his general research program and his laboratory at Queen’s University. From there, he will provide two research examples from his group, whereby they have explored (1) the selection and integration of team members within a high-performance military setting and (2) the use of ecological momentary assessment methods to assess social identity in youth sport.


Le 13 septembre 2022

Publié le 29 septembre 2022

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